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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Endevour. So much can be said with one word. On a Concorde Class starship, named Endevour, we Endevour for a cure to a disease that could devastate the entire Federation, on a mission we must not fail at.

We head off into the semi-unknown, the Delta quadrant, where friends and enemies have already been made. We will likely do the same.

This is still the strange old Endevour, with it's odd happenings and strange relationships. As always, if it is strange and it blindsides you on 'some idle afternoon', you know the Endevour is quite near.

Come join us on our quest of Deliverance….not from enslavement or that type of thing, but deliverance from a disease that befuddles the best minds of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

- FSF Storm
"Ultima Passus Frequente Prima"
"The last step is often the First one."

Open Positions: Eng, Marines, Fighter Pilots, Many Assts, Civilians
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