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MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

A new season, a new thread, with a more suitable title.

I'm kind of glad that they revisited their first-ever myth, the JATO Rocket Car, one more time and finally got a definitive result. The catastrophic failure in the 2007 revisit was a heck of a disappointment, and it always seemed unfair that they failed to get a real answer. Here they finally managed to pull it off.

I'm not in the least surprised by the results, though. I mean, of course a car is not going to turn into a viable missile just because you give it rocket thrust. It doesn't have the necessary lift. Indeed, cars' aerodynamics generally give them the opposite of lift, pushing them down so they hold onto the road. Maybe if they'd launched it upside-down it would've gotten a little more air, but it still wouldn't have had any stabilizers or anything. The results we got were pretty much predictable and inevitable. But certainly impressive to watch and to see the aftermath of.

I like the remote-steering system they came up with, and I'm wondering why it took them so long to have the idea of using a monitor to give the remote controller a driver's-eye view. Recently when I was working through the limited selection of MB episodes on Netflix, I found myself wondering why they didn't do their RC that way. Here, they did everything I kept thinking they should do, duplicating the driving experience as closely as feasible. Although I expected that trying to control one moving vehicle while being in another one would confuse Adam (or anyone), and I was right.

The mobile bunker dump truck is really cool, and seems like something they should keep around for future use. I bet they'll keep the portable bombproof control bunker too. They really have come a long way in the past decade. They keep getting more elaborate equipment.

There was also a clip-show special before the premiere. I recorded it but haven't watched it yet.
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