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Been reading the reviews and digging for spoilers (which is getting easier and easier). Just visually the movie's going to kick ass. I am concerned they've crammed to much into one movie. Seems like it could make 2 movies easily.

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Like I said, there are very few exceptions to the rule.
You're wrong; college is not a "rule" - it's an increasingly dysfunctional educational/career/training path.

BTW, you know they're making these movies about people who are exceptions don't you? The idea that it's someone's job to send kids the message "work hard, stay in school and you can be Captain Kirk" is absurd.
I know people in HR that consider a college degree to be the new high school diploma. Every six months they get flooded with a batch of the new grads or soon to be grads with fresh degrees in whatever "guaranteed money making career" they got talked into majoring in when they sent out their college applications back in highschool. Best advice I ever got regarding college: 1) Unless it's your passion, just audit classes and pick up certifications, screw the degree. 2) Practice saying "Would you like to upsize to a large combo?" cause that's about what your degree will be worth when you get out.
Yeah. With all the talk of so much action and intrigue, I've been worried for a while that one of the criticisms of this movie would be that they tried to do so much that either they couldn't pull it all together for a decent payoff, or that it goes off track and becomes a mess. But so far, so good with the reviews.

On the secondary topic : I advise students to take the liberal arts approach in college these days. No one should go to college just to be a "WHATEVER" any more, or major myopically in "WHATEVER." More and more students are being advised to plan on having three or more careers in the real world during their working lives, so flexibility is a must. Just having a college degree creates no future certainty any more, we're certain of that.
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