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Re: New IMAX Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

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King: why do you always compare 2009 Enterprise pics with 1966 Enterprise pics? You immediately handicap the latter by its limited budget, special effects, and the fact the production crew could care less whether the model matched the sets. Why not take pics from the movies where the viewscreen is bigger, the shuttle bay / cargo section is bigger, engineering is bigger, etc...?
Oh come on, it wouldn't kill you to do minimal research. How can you complain about this stuff without knowing anything about it?

The TMP Enterprise was built to a scale about sixty feet longer than the TOS ship. The bridge set is about four feet wider in diameter than the set used on television. Yes, the main viewer is built to a wider aspect ratio than the TV version, but it's not substantially larger.

IOW, he could substitute pictures of the movie ship for the pictures of the TOS ship and it would make no significant difference. He's not "handicapping" anything.
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