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Re: Another Star Trek Parody

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Hey, I remember this video!
I'd first posted it at Dennis Bailey's old site, and one of the ongoing topics at the time was Starship Exeter, so you might have seen it there. A few years later I saw my film mentioned in an online directory. And someone else used to have it on YouTube after finding my original link. This is the first time I've put the whole thing on YT.

I was checking my files yesterday and found old set background plates I'd made so I could reduce render time for some of the characters. I tried to avoid full set shots unless character shadows were falling on the walls or there was character and camera movement. I don't remember how many shots were "faked" but one was the Sulu's fly gag, with Spock on the background plate behind him.

If anyone doubts the authenticity, I can do screenshots of some of the 3d setups.

I didn't build the bridge, but I closed up the ceiling and added Spock's viewer and a "working" turbolift, which originally had been just a flat non-opening door.
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