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Re: David Gerrold's The Star Wolf

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Who else has read the books, and what are your thoughts on them, and this series idea?
It's been a long time since I read The Voyage of the Star Wolf and Starhunt. (I haven't read The Middle of Nowhere or Blood and Fire.)

They read like Star Trek with the serial numbers filed off. It might be better to say that The Voyage of the Star Wolf is what Star Trek: The Next Generation would have been if Riker, not Picard, were the dramatic lead. Gerrold took some of his ideas for what Star Trek could be and built a novel out of them.

Gerrold has wanted a Star Wolf television series for some time. (He even talks about it in his semi-autobiographical novel The Martian Child.) Now that there isn't a Star Trek television series, this could fill the niche.

Have to agree that it does read like what Gerrold would've liked to have seen for TNG. Really enjoyed THE VOYAGE OF THE STAR WOLF. The second book, THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, really went nowhere quickly and I abandoned it halfway through.

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I wish them luck. Their pitch video isn't great, though, and $650K is a lot of money, but it's obviously not impossible.

I read Yesterday's Children (a title which to me made no sense to the story) once upon a time and liked the twist at the end. I don't recall a lot about it otherwise, and never read the Star Wolf books. I tried Gerrold's Chtorr series, but got bored with it after a few fact they made such a non-impression on me that I can't remember much about them at all.
The book's later title (or, better still, iteration since Gerrold tinkers with his stories, improving them again and again) STAR HUNT made a heckuv a lot more sense.

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I hope the scripts for Star Wolf are better than his Blood and Fire script (which he also directed) for the Phase II fanfilm series, because that was a weak, padded teleplay.
BLOOD and FIRE (the book) is more enjoyable and clever than the fan film (STAR TREK: PHASE II) version. Loved how they get Korie and the Mission Team (an Away Team by any other name) to the side of the ship protected by the force field. Now that's something I'd like to see on film. There's more dramatic choices and consequences for the characters in the novel than in the fan film teleplay and not a lot of hokey lip service about the loyalty of the captain.

Although, the relationship between the two gay characters in the book is still treated with kid's gloves, and lacks all the complications that real relationships, gay or otherwise, have.
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