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How about we let the people who've already seen it contradict or expand on what the actors are saying, rather than attacking someone pointing out what they said.
I hate relentless, dumb, action movies with little character development.

I enjoyed "Star Trek (2009)" and "Star Trek Into Darkness".

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I am on Tumblr where every day, I see the excited ramblings of 16-18 year old newly minted Trekkers who saw the '09 film, and now are watching up all of the original series on Netflix.

It's pretty cool. Can't argue with that.

When I found TMP at 21, it became my mission to explore TOS. And TAS.

Interestingly, some TNG fans didn't feel the need to explore everything that had gone before. A strange phenomenon that hit that young sector of fandom was when "Doctor Who" went into hiatus. A lot of those displaced fans jumped to TNG, as demonstrated by the renaming of "Doctor Who Bulletin", to "DWB", to "Dream Watch Bulletin", and its widening in scope from "Doctor Who" articles to general SF media articles (and a huge amount of TNG coverage).

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There is something to this. But I think it has to do with devolving Star Trek for mass consumption.
So, are we saying that Nemesis and Insurrection were more evolved Trek?
As I mentioned before, our ST club lost a lot of original members (from the early 70s) when ST IV came out in 1986 and they dismissed it angrily/sadly as what they called "the dumbing down of 'Star Trek' for the masses." For others, it was their favourite ST movie, and its financial and critical success greenlit TNG.
The Trek fanbase will always be divided. It's a shame more fans can't practice IDIC. Each new production is going to create some new fans, and alienate some old ones.

Funny, a lot of fans of nu Doctor Who don't go back and watch the old stuff. And yet quite a few fans of ST 09 do want to go back and check out the old episodes. I think it's just that their appetite for Trek is awakened and needs to be satiated They are hungry for more material.
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