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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

Ok, just joined the rewatch, not entirely because ois thrad, but it's nice to be able to join the discussion...
The Way Back: Still a great one-off SF play even without any connection to a follow-up series.
Space Fall: Better than I'd remembered - a lot harsher than something I loved first time out as a 9 year old, but had thought since was a bit of a fall off from the toughness of the first episode.
Cygnus Alpha: SOme over-acting, but still very good thoughtful harsh SF.
Time Squad: Ok, I'd remembered this as the first serious let down. I guess it still is, but still a lot better than I'd recall from my last watch - the alien feel to the Saurian Major is very effective, and there's stil amajor grittines to it all.
The Web: Again... the alien planet is both silly and surreal, and the morality play aspect is very effective.

And FX-wise... I quite like the cartoon space shots.. they work in an expressionist sort of way. What makes them odd is that there's also some excellent genuine model work, so the two approaches clash...

And on the model work... it has to be said, it's been done without any thru-thinking of how big the ships are supposed to be.
Just work out how big the London must be given the size of the transfer tube (which we see in model work and live action), and also that it supposedly supports 30 to 50 people for eight months on the trip to Cygnus Alpha, and up to 20 on the trip back, without supply.
Then work out from that how big Liberator must be as a result.
Then work out how big the Starburst-class pursuits ships must be on the basis of the shot of Liberator ramming one in Duel.
And then try to work out how squadrons of pursuit ships can dock at Space Command given how tiny it must be considering the size of the windows we see on the 'wheel station' model...

You could never have had a Blake-tech forum on the Blakebbs!
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