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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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Well now I know who "Whistleblower" is. He's a dillusional poster on GB that goes by the name of R.E.D, who's been trying to push his frankly ridiculous theories about what's "really" happening in the series (including The Doctor being dead since The Big Bang) on people at every possible opportunity.
Yeah the second I saw Omega mentioned in there I knew it was a fake. Fans have been talking about his supposed return for years (along with the Rani and Valeyard), even though it is something that Moffat clearly has no interest in.
A shame. I think Omega would be ideal for A Matt Smith regeneration story.
I only started watching in 2005 so I have a very limited knowledge of classic villains, but I have to admit that I was underwhelmed when I read that "Whistleblower" synopsis. I hope it's fake.

As for Matt Smith's regeneration, the way Eleven has been talking and acting since "The Snowmen" has me thinking that he will buy it at some point saving Clara's life. He already blames himself for her Victorian version's death and Oswin saved his life in "Asylum"....he'll give up his life before she dies again. I'm sure of it.
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