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Re: Exact runtime verified.

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How did you know about the runtime to the second? I read about it clocking in at 132 minutes, but how did you know about how many seconds more or less?

By the way, German cinemas are giving a runtime of 129 minutes. I thought the PAL speed up only affects tv and dvd?

I posted a link on my opening post from the BBFC British Board of Film Classification.

They review every theatrical (and video) release of every movie released in the UK (down to the second)

That is also how I went back and found the exact running time of the theatrical version of TMP from 1979 (they've been doing this for a hundred years!) Not on the internet of course!

There are allowances for the video version because of the PAL system they use but theatrical versions are always the same.

There are some times as in Avengers where they throw in few seconds more for the US (schwarma scene) but generally it's exactly the same for current new releases.

As for the German release--I'd bet a few bucks it actually turns out to be the same 131- 58 as the UK version.

Also, since in recent years the UK gets some movies before the US---I can find out weeks in advance what the running time is going to be. We don't have an internet site for the USA that does that in any case. The get reviewed in final form and get a rating from the MPAA but they don't post the running time for the public.
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