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Re: What kind of fan are you?

Great thread. Your initial options certainly make one pause and think. It's easy to give a glib answer, but when you study the options you realize that there are so many ways to approach Trek love/Trek hate. Like most I probably fall into a few categories... and it's hardly worth detailing. But if I try to get to the core of my love of Trek... well, it springs from the same source it always did. As such I have at least one foot in the "Fundamentalist" camp, but I'm open to new creations (like, say, The Starfleet Museum) as long as they mesh well with the show's original flavor and intent.

For me as a Trekkie, the golden age was 1972 (when I first started watching the show in earnest) to 1979 (when the first movie came out). In that period Trek was largely a dead show (except for TAS' contributions). So the continuing adventures were left up to me and my imagination. There wasn't anyone out them setting new canon. Fans were more open to appreciate it in their own way... and that was fine to me.

And that's kind of where I returned to. I don't really pay much attention to post-'79 canon... for many reasons. I kind of have my own little version of the Trek universe in my imagination.... and that's just fine for me.
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