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Re: Another new clip: "Keep going, Scotty!"

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Holy hell! That was fun! How they spun the whole corridor set to make that happen I'd love to know. Can't wait to see this movie.
Some info on that

Of course, much of the interior of the ship still had to be built as sets on stages, but even those were expanded for the sequel. In the first "Star Trek," the different sections like the bridge, transporter room, and medical bay were built separately, and the camera had to cut to go from one to the other.
But this time, they were connected to create one seamless ship. “On this film, we really had the full playground,” said Chris Pine, who one again plays Captain Kirk. “We had construction guys working seven days a week, 24 hours a day, just so we could have this totally immersive world to be in."

They also built sets that could mechanically tilt for a sequence where the damaged Enterprise begins to fall out of the sky. Simon Pegg said, "It was all done with wires combined with a tilting set, so we were actually, literally running on the walls sideways... It was enormous fun to shoot, to constantly be reorienting our sense of what’s up and what’s down."

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