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Re: New IMAX Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

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Not by the size of the windows and what is shown on screen. The Engineering hull is maybe twice the size of a nuclear sub. And the saucer section is maybe about the same size. By the time they cram in ships systems and everything needed to run the ship there cannot be much room left.
Here's a look inside the old TV series Enterprise:

The specs say she's 23 stories tall and 289 meters from end to end.
And if you go by the 1st Abrhams movie Star Trek 2/3rds of the engineering hull is a shuttle bay that looks to be at most 30-40 feet high...
Each of the shuttlecraft in Abrams' first movie is 40 feet long. And there were a LOT of them parked in there. That Enterprise is a lot bigger than the original:

This Enterprise is a whopping 725 meters in length.
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