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Re: New IMAX Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

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Not by the size of the windows and what is shown on screen. The Engineering hull is maybe twice the size of a nuclear sub.
How can you tell? Do subs have windows? Besides, Wiki gives the Ohio class dimensions as 170m x 13m. The dimensions given for the Enterprise's nacelles are almost identical. The hull is therefore much bigger.

You're also considering only linear size, not volume. Taken as a cylinder, it's volume would be 22,500 cubic metres. The engineering hull is about 100m long and 40m across. The volume of the corresponding cylinder is 125,600 cubic metres -- 5.5 times as big.

By the time they cram in ships systems and everything needed to run the ship there cannot be much room left.
Since we don't know anything about the "size" of things required to run a starship, it's hard to judge this statement.

And if you go by the 1st Abrhams movie ...
I try not to. (and it's 'Abrams', not 'Abrhams')
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