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Re: What happened to the "Commodore" Rank?

The Wormhole wrote: View Post
In real life, the US Navy phased out Commodore in the 1980s and replaced it with Rear Admiral, Lower Half. Therefore it was decided in Star Trek that Starfleet would eliminate the rank as well.
And that is why, I believe, they dropped it. The U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard were both used in helping define Starfleet (though there have been colonels - Star Trek VI had at least one IIRC).

StarCruiser wrote: View Post
The "Rear Admiral, Lower Half" crap was enacted for political reasons. Congress couldn't rap it's combined head (combined IQ of 90) around the idea of a Flag officer not having rank of Admiral (of some type).
Do we really know that it was a unilateral move by congress that forced the elimination the rank of "commodore" or whether it was done at the request of the Navy itself (or Joint Chiefs)?

Melakon wrote: View Post
I never understood them dropping the Commodore rank, ...
Two reasons: 1) the US Navy dropped it; 2) There was a period when "Commodore" conjured up images of ascot wearing Yacht club ne'er-do-wells.

... and feel it was a mistake to pattern Starfleet so closely on the US Navy. In my own fictional universe, I use army/air force ranks from both American and UK organizations.
As do many other authors. Why would one try to put forth the notion that there is only one correct way to setup a fictional military service? If you want, use the Iranian or Chinese navies as your source as they still have commodores.
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