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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I don't hate Tuvix, however I do like both Tuvok and Neelix a whole lot better. And that makes neither of us right or wrong, only at odds here. I am perfectly willing to concede that some people find one side of the argument more appealing than the other, what I am not willing to concede is my right to not be hit over the head with emotional arguments, and questionable preaching from the Tuvix supporter side of the argument.
You just admitted that you like Tuvix less than Tuvox and Neelix and then claim that the other folks are using emotional arguments? Seriously?.
Yes Seriously, I will freely admit I am very emotional about this subject. Why do you think I went to all the trouble to research organ donation, so yes I feel very deeply that Janeway made the only decision she could have made, now I have tried (and I am sure failed) in some instances. But I will not deny my gut feelings about this either.

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This is what a rational way to approach the case would look like:
Two people died and one was born. You can reverse this process. Whatever you do, somebody dies / remains dead. There is no easy way out.

There is no Tuvok and Neelix or Tuvix bias in here, it is just boiling down the problem to its basics. Any comparisons with organ donation or whatever or claims that there is a "natural state", be it as it was before or after the accident, is just an attempt to avoid the horror that whatever Janeway decides is wrong and makes her guilty.
And you are completely right, every thing else is conjecture on all our parts. Like I said earlier, the women in the US are fighting a battle now over the right to our own bodies, and yes I am very emotional about it. I cannot stress how important I think this is.
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