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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
Admiral_Young wrote: View Post's still part of an ongoing story (just as Amazing Spider-Man #700 was) and basically what I predicted would happen. This is still only a temporary measure.
Oh, I totally get that.

But I'm referring to this issue. On its own, it's extremely superficial. Slott's writing lacks the depth that Philip K. Dick or Warren Ellis would bring to the concept. You have two personalities fighting for control of a single mind. What we get is a brief battle that lacks stakes or any sense of jeopardy.

It's not a good issue. And just because it's part of a larger plan that will play out over the next year, eighteen months, that doesn't forgive it for that flaw. On its own, there's nothing to recommend this issue.

At best, it's just there.
Is that really a fair critique? As far as I am aware, Dick wasn't required to knock out books aimed at the hamburger franchise crowd which have to come out every month without fail. If he was writing like Philip K. Dick, he would likely be fired within weeks because the majority of the readers would not like it/could not understand it!

It is like complaining the guy working the grill at McD's isn't turning out stuff of the same standard as Ferran AdriÓ
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