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Re: I just got pick-pocketed...

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Do you have a belt clip for the phone?
No, they were pickpocketed TODAY, not in 1996. Everyone's mostly over the douchy "look how important I am, i have a cellphone" look
no, I'm pretty sure smartphones are still a luxury status symbol
Sure, just not clipped to your belt obnoxiously. to show off your status symbol now, you gotta take it out of your pocket and fiddle with it, preferably while driving, walking around aimlessly, or during a conversation.

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You can hide a belt clip under a shirt, you know.
but why would you, and what would you clip it to? Presumably, if there was some big theft-deterrent system in place, it wouldn't have been stolen. And if you don't intend to clip to your belt, but put in a pocket, why buy the case with the belt clip, or keep that part on.

Outside of blackberry, which has never really kept up with the times anyway, not sure last time I saw a phone case with a belt clip. Maybe cheap flip-phones?

I'm sure they still exist, but just not really mainstream. Maybe for specific uses, like for a contractor outside all day or something, and clip on a rugged case, but in general? "phone on your belt" is pretty dead.
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