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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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That's the Amazon Pre-order Guarantee. If they didn't do that, then make a huge stink.

It only applies if the price drops before it ships. Once I bought something and the price dropped after it shipped but before I received it. I contacted Amazon, and they said the price guarantee doesn't apply if it ships before the price drop, however they gave me the credit as a courtesy.

Otherwise I would have returned the first item, and then re-bought it at the lower price, but they saved me that extra hassle.
I'm pretty sure they have upgraded that to when you recieve your order!

I just double-checked---Up to the END of the day of the release day of the item they will give you the lowest price.

So if they ship something on saturday/sunday when it's, say $20 and the item drops on Tuesday evening to $15 they refund you $5. Otherwise complain--they won't argue that policy.
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