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Re: TMP special longer version.... where to buy legally? (region 1)

gastrof wrote: View Post
Anyone know where I can legally buy a copy of STAR TREK: The Motion Picture (special longer version) on DVD?

All I can find is the theatrical version, the Director's Edition, and VHS copies of the longer version.

Call me picky, but I'd been hoping for a DVD.

If anyone has any suggestions...

Other than VHS or maybe Laser Disc, I don't know. But I hope Paramount decides to re-release that along with the extended version of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.

From memory: the bonus footage in TMP really helped flesh out the story, while the extra minutes in TWOK were just added to an already great motion picture.

Melakon wrote: View Post
I think the Special Longer Version only included some scenes that were used to extend the time for the network broadcast premiere, as there was unfinished footage showing the soundstage walls. Those same scenes may be added features on the Director's Cut.
No, it wasn't just for time. I believe they aired on ABC and that is important for two reasons: 1) they didn't seem to mind going long with their Sunday night movies back in the day; 2) they, for a period, always strove to make them "events" by doing such things as including extra footage (aside from TMP and TWOK they also did it with Superman: The Movie and maybe others I can't readily recall).

Mike Farley wrote: View Post
The Special Longer Edition was not released to DVD. VHS is your only legal recourse.
Well, there is always the old recourse of a polite letter-writing campaign - which I have found to have a higher rate of success in these types of matters.

In fact, some years back, I was looking for a Republic chapter-serial from the late-30s/early 40s. I did some online research and got an e-mail address and wrote the company. About six months later it was on the shelf of my local Best Buy.

So, if someone wants to start a petition, I'll gladly sign on.
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