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Re: Exact runtime verified.

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ooh 5 seconds.

Is there a point to your post?
It reads to me like a response to your previous post concerning the difference in runtime. (I've emphasized the pertinent parts in the exchange for clarity.)
Yeah, I guess, but I started this thread with a very plain post with nothing but the exact run-time of the movie so as to inform anybody who was interested---which I hope it did.

Then the thread kind of turned to banter about holding in ones pee--which is also kind of to be expected, but when someone actually is interested in the subject (runtime) compared to the other longest movie I decided to look that up.

Well it turns out TMP happens to be 5 seconds longer--so to be informative--I post that--- finding it somewhat what that they clock in at so close a runtime.

Then he posts the oddly sarcastic "Ohh 5 seconds longer" with the roll eyes.

I kind of wonder what is the point--since he clearly he doesn't understand how or what the roll eyes means.

He's rolling his eyes because i found out the two movies are 5 seconds different?

I kind of thought it was a slightlyinteresting fact to know.

Two movies in the same franchise that couldn't possibly more unlike each other besides the characters in them, separated by 33 and a half years----and 5 seconds!

First thing I thought of when i read the new movie was 132 min was, "Does, that make it the longest trek movie?" I'm glad to know i wasn't alone in finding that interesting.

Although, i guess it was only worthy of an eye roll from him!
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