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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I said equivalent. Yes it was an accident. Yes it was no fault of Tuvok and Neelix. Neither is dying in a shuttle accident. But sometimes it happens. It's also not the fault of Tuvix that he was the result of the accident. He didn't cause the accident, yet you still insist on assigning blame to him for it. Tuvix is a sentient being with all the rights of anyone else, including not to be summarily executed against their will because Janeway decided it serves the needs of the state... which by all means she's the de facto head of out there. The only thing you could condemn Tuvix for is moral cowardice for not volunteering... but last I checked that's not a capital crime.
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Somewhat off-topic, but I must be the only one who really, really enjoyed Tom Wright's calm, intelligent, heart-felt and emotional performance as Tuvix. I see him cast in a negative light by fans all the time – even in this very thread – yet I never really understood all the dissatisfaction with him. I loved him in the role, which made the climax of the episode all the more unbearable for me.
M I am glad you liked the character, that is a good thing. The problem is Tuvix is used time and again to justify someone's dislike of either the Janeway or the Neelix character without thinking the whole problem through to the ending.

You are supposed to feel uncomfortable, that was the aim of the writers and producers. I don't hate Tuvix, however I do like both Tuvok and Neelix a whole lot better. And that makes neither of us right or wrong, only at odds here. I am perfectly willing to concede that some people find one side of the argument more appealing than the other, what I am not willing to concede is my right to not be hit over the head with emotional arguments, and questionable preaching from the Tuvix supporter side of the argument.

What I do hope is that if I have my body stolen and am murdered for someone else, that my daughter sues the hell out of everyone involved. Again Tuvix isn't the donor, that honor goes to Tuvok and Neelix.
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