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Re: Star Trek TNG: The Mushroom Incident

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I really liked it! It's charming in a personal, homemade sort of way. This makes me want to dig up old tapes of things I made when I was little and go down my own memory lane.
Great stuff!
Thanks! I was about 17 years old when I filmed this. We filmed it in my High School theatre classroom at the end of the school day, and had less than two hours to get it done. The FX were added later using toys of the Enterprise-D and the Romulan Warbird (from Playmates). This was the second comedy fan-film that I made as a young teenager. I made a similar one for Classic Trek with my brother and sisters. My uncle filmed it for us, and is looking to see if he still has a VHS copy at home. If he does, I will probably post that one online too.
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