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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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I just happen to think it would be possible for a creative person to write a good story that includes a classic Doctor, and doesn't alienate newer fans.
Sure, I believe one Steven Moffat wrote something called "Time Crash".
Let's also consider a group that would also have to be appeased: the classic Doctors themselves. So, it's not just writing a story for them to appear, it's also writing a story that they WANT to appear in.

Colin Baker has said that he wouldn't be interested in a cameo.

And didn't the 40th, or 45th, whatever the Dark Dimension fall apart because it was basically the Tom Baker show and the other Doctors didn't want to do it?

So, now you have to craft a story that at least 7 actors have to approve of before they'll agree to be in it?

Sure, it can be done, but that might take time. And Moffat does have time management issues.

In the end, it's not JUST an issue of imagination.
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