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Re: Dukat and other thoughts while ending Season 5

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Captain Kathryn, I wish I was in your shoes, watching DS9 for the first time again. I love DS9, it beats all other Trek with a big stick (IMO). It has some of the best story telling and characters that shift and change over the years (even recurring ones such as Dukat).
Same here! Although VOY will always be my favorite, for purely nostalgic reasons, I adore DS9. Its deep, involving plotlines, its superb acting, and its wonderful characters, including the recurring ones. I think that may be my favorite thing about DS9.
VOY is my favorite too...not sure the main reason, but I think because of it's humor. However, DS9 is pretty much tied for first place. It's amazing! I agree I love the recurring characters (namely Garak and Dukat). TNG is my third fave I suppose. I have yet to watch ENT and haven't finished TOS. I will get to those soon enough though. I'm going to watch all Trek this year. I burned through all 7 seasons of VOY in 2 months and am nearly finished DS9 in 1 month.
Woah.. that's a lot of Trekkin. You ought to be done with DS9 in a week at that pace!
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