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Re: Uhura - A message from Harrison & first look at Klingon with no he

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Hmm. I've always thought that hair (wearing it in certain ways, braiding etc) was an integral part of the Klingon "makeup", though.
Well, TOS Klingons didn't have any specific way of wearing their hair. And different designers have taken Klingon hairstyles as well as ridge designs in their own directions. Plus General Chang in TUC was bald.

horatio83 wrote: View Post
I get some racist vibes from this. Looks kinda like a Western guy would imagine a "primitive" African with those ear-rings (if there are ear-rings, perhaps I just don't see it correctly).
That's an odd interpretation, considering how many cultures employ earrings and piercings, including Western culture. And we've seen Trek aliens with piercings before, such as the Orion males seen in ENT.
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