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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Slott still is growing as a writer, compared to where he was when he first started the book (I had a ton of issues with his writing back then) he's improved considerably. Is he anywhere near those other writers you mentioned? Not yet...but yeah I have a feeling this particular issue was meant for reaction purposes not so much anything else. Kind of makes you wonder how a Jonathan Hickman would have handled this whole concept doesn't it Talk about mind blowing

@Craig...yeah it has a bit of the elements from "Kraven's Last Hunt" in it so it's not an entirely original concept, and I've commented about that way back in the thread. Fans were actually more meh about it than anything...and I know I've been championing the book for the most part alone in this thread, but it's been tons of fun.
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