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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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so "it'll take some time" is a strong argument against doing it?
You must have missed the part where I said

then there is the question of where to put all the refugees I mean it not like the federation has an infinite amount of planets hence why the planets being ceded were colonized in the first place, (again Picard and his crew spent time looking for a new planet for the guys from Homeward so it's not exactly a cake walk). Which is another problem with the treaty.
Yeah the time and resources spent moving people isn't the only problem there.

it didn't seem from the episodes that this was a particular sticking point. There's been NO indication that the UFP has an "over-population" or "over-crowding" problem.
Well except in Wrath of Khan from the Genesis proposal, Plus the fact that over population might not have been a problem until you had who knows how many refugees landing on planets in the federation increasing their population.
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