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Re: They let me go....

I remember waaaay back (around 1990?, give or take), not-yet-Hubby and I were going to various job forums for aerospace workers. Just to see what was out there, seeing as we both had "secure" jobs. Our co-workers knew and asked us to let them know what we saw. "Just in case."

Anyway, naturally, there weren't any we would've qualified for, so it was quick and we went back to our car. In the parking lot, we saw a man, looked in his early/mid 50s. Oh, he looked so lost! We almost stopped to see if he was okay, but he seemed to find his car. We imagined that, after decades of putting in good work, he likely had been given notice. Mind you, until then, aerospace was close to a lifelong job--mostly.

That image stayed with both of us and was a convincing argument for not-yet-Hubby to go back to school for pharmacy.
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