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Re: Your 'Not Only is it Not A Guilty Pleasure' movie/episode

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I agree with you on Generations.

Mine would have to be 11:59. I thought it was a nice break from the usual.

And if I could apply this concept to a character, it would be Dr. Pulaski. She was the most interesting person on the Enterprise during her brief stint.
If applied to a person...well, I can understand people's aversion to Wesley, but HOLY CRAP was it taken out of proportion. Poor Wheaton. Everyone else on that frigging show has a role, and a valid emotional connection to at least one other cast mate.

Wesley might as well not even be related to Dr. Crusher for all they did with that. So what else is there for him? Young, inexperienced Ensign? At the very end they touched on that, but way too late.

I can't even imagine what that must have been like for him. Coming off "Stand By Me", and suddenly the world hates him, there's no real connection between him and the others...Roddenberry or Berman or whoever isn't letting him do movies (until they finally let him go).

At least Jake had a realistic relationship with his dad and a friend in Nog.

Not sure where that rant came from.

Star Trek Nemesis. It's the film that got me loving Star Trek again. I thought it was a lot of fun. Then I came online and found fans treating it like cancer
I thought it was dumb just for the tired 'evil twin' trope and accepted all the criticism at face value....until I actually sat down and watched the whole thing, then I was like...that..uhh...that was actually fairly good. I enjoyed that.
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