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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

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I liked the Gates part because the whole 'keep the relationship hidden' thing has been done to death, and made her more like Mr. Roper than a professional Police Officer. Whatever Gates' reasoning is for being ok with it is fine with me. That character isn't really well locked down, so who knows what's going on in her head.
I liked the result, but I didn't like the arbitrary way it was brought about. I want to know her reasoning. I want to be able to believe it's a choice that arose naturally from who she is and what she thinks and feels, rather than just something the writers arbitrarily made her do because it was convenient.

I think it was done a well as a clip show can be done...
I've seen better clip shows, ones whose framing material was genuinely important to the series or the characters. Probably Andromeda's "The Unconquerable Man" was the most innovative and meaningful clip show ever, using the clips to create a whole alternate timeline that transformed our perspective on the series and one of its key supporting characters forever. So not only was the new material meaningful, but the old material was rendered new by the change in its context and significance.

There was also CSI's "Lab Rats," in which the supporting lab-tech characters got together to try to solve the season-long serial-killer mystery that had been stumping the leads, which did a great job fleshing out those characters and had lasting significance to the series, since those characters continued to be prominent thereafter and there were even attempts to replicate the formula (albeit with fantasy sequences rather than recap clips). And Stargate SG-1's "Inauguration" was pretty good and pretty important to the season arc; in fact, while SG1 did a lot of clip shows, they usually did a good job of making them relevant to the series, often the beginning of the season-ending arc. Oh, and Hercules and Xena often did insanely funny clip shows.

Compared to those and other good clip shows I remember, I'd call this one fairly middle-of-the-road. It was pretty well-done for what it was, but it didn't really tell us anything new or contribute anything meaningful to the arc (other than Gates admitting she knew about the romance), and it fell a bit too much into the standard clip-show formula of characters standing around and reminiscing about their past. So I'd amend your statement to say it was done about as well as a standard, formulaic clip show could be done, but it was still formulaic.
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