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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Anyone care to post what that Ensigns Of Command shot looks like in HD?
About what you'd expect. It's still the same shot, but with slightly better lighting. It still looks like a toy though. It is possible to make the 2-foot model look good. Here's one from Encounter at Farpoint:

The difference being that it was ILM that made that original shot, and with higher quality film. I don't think Image G put much effort into the Ensigns of Command shot. Odd though that CBS-D didn't add any window lighting. It looks pretty dark aside from the deflector.

It would have been a good opportunity to swap out that shot with the improved CGI model, but I respect their decision to stick with the original shot.

The bright side of having the 4-foot model is that we never see new shots of the 2-footer again.
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