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Re: They let me go....

While everyone dismissed from a job will almost inevitably end up taking it personally, the reality is that in most cases it probably wasn't personal, especially if you weren't the only one to lose your job.

Last time I was laid off from a job people I had trained got to keep theirs, which was really upsetting. In some ways longevity at a company works against you...if they can hire a newbie to do the same work as you at half the price, why should they keep you?

Ironically two weeks after they dismissed me their workload spiked and I was hired back indefinitely. I very much wanted to tell them to shove it, but realistically that would have been a poor choice. I stayed with that company for about a year until I found work elsewhere, then dumped them like a hot potato. I think everyone I worked with knew I was looking to go elsewhere...really, once you've been laid-off from a place it would be crazy to assume you wouldn't be the first to go the next time around.

Crazily enough, the workload dropped the day after I interviewed for what became my new job, but this time around management opted to eliminate several overhead positions instead, so my job was safe for the whole several days I continued to work it.
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