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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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Isn't it the quality of the story that is important, not some fan check-list of things that certify that the show is showing the proper amount of respect for the old series? Once again I say, maybe we should wait to see the show before declaring what a disrespectful mess it is? Of course, I'm sure some of those here who have already made up their minds to hate it will hate it no matter what happens.
Quoted for truth. I'll judge the anniversary special when I see it (and I may judge it harshly) but I'm sure as hell not going to prejudge it based on what it may/may not contain.

A good quality episode without the classic doctors is preferable to a disaster with them...of course one way or another some section of fandom will not be happy. Just read some of the comments/critisisms of The Five Doctors...
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