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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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So apparently Moffat's quote about not making the episode a "fanfest" and "looking to the Future" is the official line for making it an 8th Anniversary Special.

If I was Baker I to McGann I'd refuse to take part in any of the 50th Anniversary celebrations that they might be asked to. Moffat casting a brand-new Past Doctor while giving them the Finger really sums the man up perfectly.
I do sort of agree. I actually like Moffat and his impact on Dr Who, and I know he's a huge, long-time fan of the series. So, this approach (assuming it's correct) really, really puzzles me.

It's possible to include a classic Doctor in such a way that it doesn't confuse newer fans. Not all classic Doctors need to appear. So, the notion that it's impossible to effectively include all the classic Doctors is just a red herring.

If we get a good story that is well executed, I probably won't be complaining much about the lack of a classic Doctor. But, why not do a good, well-executed story with a classic Doctor?

I'm not convinced that Hurt is a new, real Doctor, so I'm not offended by that, yet. However, if it turns out that Moffat is inventing a new Doctor rather than bringing a classic one back, that IS offensive.

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