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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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There are more ways to celebrate than having returning Doctors, or does fandom lack that kind of imagination?
It's nothing to do with "lack of imagination". It's to do with Respect, something Moffat seems to lack towards the people without whom he wouldn't have a series to be running into the ground through his incompetence.

This is the last chance to bring any/all of the Original Series Doctors together to celebrate their contribution. Having paintings of them appear, which seems to be what's going to happen or sticking Tom Baker's scarf on a Guest Star is worse than simply pretending the series didn't exist before 2005.
Sorry, I don't buy that. Just because the story they are choosing to tell doesn't involve the old actors doesn't mean there is any lack of respect for the old series. It just means the story they wish to tell for the anniversary doesn't require them. And you would really prefer they ignore the classic series rather than have other references to it other than the one you prefer? That is childish.

Isn't it the quality of the story that is important, not some fan check-list of things that certify that the show is showing the proper amount of respect for the old series? Once again I say, maybe we should wait to see the show before declaring what a disrespectful mess it is? Of course, I'm sure some of those here who have already made up their minds to hate it will hate it no matter what happens.
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