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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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So, I picked this up for a, dare I say, "fantastic" price? Cover price of $125, and I got it for $30.

1074 pages. Included are Marvel Team-Up 61-62 Marvel Two-in-One 50, Fantastic Four 209-218, 220-221, 232-260 and Annual 17 as well as Avengers 233 and The Thing 2.

It ends with a cliffhanger ending of sorts, with Reed still missing having been arrested by the Shi'ar for the "crime" of saving Galactus, but I also have the "Trial of Reed Richards" trade collection on my shelf, which, of course, completes that story.
That is indeed a Fantastic price. I paid $55 for mine a year ago and was stoked then since it was over 1/2 off.
If this is your first Omni, congrats. If you like the format you might look into some online retailers with similar deals. Currently various online outlets have had great deals on Atlantis Attacks, Secret Wars II, Women of Marvel, X-Static, X-men by Claremont/Byrne vol.1 and some others for nearly as great a deal.

They are making way for inventory heavy items hitting last half of this year INCLUDING FF vol.2 by Byrne(Dec '13). Lots of warehouse space needed as Marvel is cranking them out last half of the year.
Other Omnis coming:
  1. New Warriors vol.1
  2. Wolverine by Mark Millar
  3. Thor Silver Age vol.2
  4. West Coast Avengers vol.2
  5. Fantastic Four vol.1 by Hickman
  6. Fantastic Four vol.2 by Byrne
  7. Iron Man by Busiek (late 90's material)
  8. Amazing Spiderman Silver Age vol.2 (second print, OOP 1yr)
  9. Uncanny X-Men vol.1 (second printing, been OOP for about 3yrs)
  10. Fantastic Four Silver Age vol.2 (second printing, OOP for about 3yrs also)
  11. Daredevil by Frank Miller (second print, OOP 3yrs also)
  12. Uncanny X-Men vol.2 (rumored)

I'll be getting them all(except ASM vol.2, already have it). I like the format. I have over 30 Omnis now. So glad to see those second prints coming as they went OOP about the time I started noticing the format.
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