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I just got pick-pocketed...

And I am so pissed off I can barely breathe.

Lunch hour, nice enough day, bit of a headache so I decide to go for a walk in the park to clear my head. About to head down into the rock garden area, when a guy jumps off the wall where he'd been sitting, as if about to go his own way, and "accidentally" bumps into me. "Oh sorry, sorry," hands everywhere as he steadies hismelf, you know the routine.

And then a couple of minutes later, I realise my phone has gone.

Brand new iPhone 5, had it less that a month, no insurance on it. I ran straight to the police station to report it (where they said "Call this number." Hello, he took my phone.) Anyway, they called for me, made a report, decribed the guy best as I could.

I have that "find my iPhone" thing so they're trying to track it that way. It has a pass code on it so he shouldn't get into it any time soon, and I'm pretty sure I set it up that if he puts the wrong code in 10 times, it wipes it.

I've asked my other half to wipe it by remote, but it tells you it has to connect to the internet first before it can do that. There's no bank details or anything on there, but there's addresses and emails and phone numbers. I've had the phone company block the number too.

So I think I've done just about everything I can. But the main thing is just that I'm so f***ing furious! And not a little embarrassed. I know, these people are professionals, they do it all day long, I didn't even feel his hand go into my pocket. But it's humiliating to fall for something so basic.

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