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Re: Is This The Next Doctor?

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Having Smith direct a Doctor-lite episode would defeat the purpose of that since he can't very well direct an episode at the same time he's supposed to be off filming another one.
I wondered about that. If what Whistleblower says is true, which it very possibly is not, then I suspect the Doctor-lite episode won't be double-banked, it will simply be in a separate production block of its own. Instead of a 36-week shoot for series 8, they may have a 38-week shoot to accommodate Smith's directorial debut.
Or we're getting shorter seasons now, and scheduling is less of a problem.
But then another reason for the Doctor-Lite episodes is to give Doctor and companion a bit of a break. Example in season 1 the main reason Adam tagged along in The Long Game was so they could have him off doing his own subplot with guest actors and give Eccleston and Piper a break. I would guess giving Karen Gillan a break was a similar reason for why in season 5 we had the Amy-lite The Lodger. I suppose it's possible and likely they could do a Doctor-lite episode just so Smith could get the chance to sit in the director's chair, but it's just as likely he'd spend this time taking a deserved break instead.
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