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Re: Voyager again, for the first time


Some nice directing, good work Geordi. The story on the other hand, seems a bit too similar to Prototype, and coming this close together it's like a concept was floating about, two people developed it and came up with these variations.

That said, it did it well, probably better than Prototype. Least it didn't have any schlocky robots hanging about. Really liked how far Torres and Janeway were willing to go to stop the missile.

And the Paris story is back, and Voyager's damaged rep due to previous actions and Kazon propaganda. Nice to see some continuity going on. Unlike those holo-emitters that were being set up in Engineering - yes that really bugs me, they were practically working just needed a few kinks worked out and now they're just forgotten. I'd imagine they would have been a priority when nothing episode worthy was going on.

Meanwhile, that Paris story, seems he's lost his mojo after breaking Warp 10, or he's in a funk after Janeway rejected him after turning human again. Either way, I expected him to stay with Janeway, go out a hero now he basically has nothing to live for.
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