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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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Isn't Madame Vastra married to a human? And that cat guy in the episode where Martha got kidnapped had a human wife. And Captain Jack is "51st century guy" pansexual and all.
It isn't the interspecies part that is bothersome, but rather the vast difference in evolutionary levels, intelligence levels, etc. I can't imagine a Time Lord making any sort of meaningful connection with a human.

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Leela married a Timelord.
Okay, you win. Although she doesn't marry anybody in canon, it is heavily implied (in The Invasion of Time) that she and Andred, a Time Lord, fall in love with each other. Also, in the First Doctor serial The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Susan leaves the TARDIS due to a romantic attachment to a human (David).

So I suppose that there have been canonical instances of human-Time Lord relationships. To me, it seems like a "normal" person having a romantic relationship with a severely mentally disabled person, but I suppose canon is not on my side.

As an aside, in The Doctor's Daughter, when Jenny asks Donna if she and the Doctor are together, she replies, "What? No. No. No way. No, no, we're friends, that's all. I mean, we're not even the same species. There's probably laws against it." But the line was more of a joke than a canonical pronouncement.
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