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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

I noticed when Datak told that lie that Alek seemed uncomfortable with it. Christie didnt seem to mind though. I can easily see this causing problems since Alek's culture seems to insist on men being dominant yet he froze up when confronted by monsters whilst his love came to his defence. The thing is i dont see a any problem with how things played out. Some people will panic and freeze up when confronted by monsters whilst others will retain a level of calm allowing them to think more clearly and take more proactive action like finding a way to fight back or a successful way to escape. Gender has nothing to do with how a person reacts to a monster or a monstrous situation.

And i like how, except for his fight with luke in the pilot, Alek seems to be a sweet nice guy with a personality that comes accross as more pacifist than aggressive. So far Christie seems to accept and like this about him. Its possibly what drew her to him in the first place since most of the guys in town seem to fit more into the gruff macho tough guy image with the exception of Christies brother Quentin who is a soft spoken hard working nice guy.

Christie doesnt seem to mind that she had to defend Alek or that Datak lied to her father. If they do go the route of Alek feeling the need to reassert his masculinity by acting like a dominant Castithan male toward his sweet girlfriend then i hope that it lasts no more than an episode and comes to a halt after she slaps some sense into him. I actually really like Alek and Christie. They do seem a little young to be marrying but what worries me more is how accepting Datak and Stahma are of Christie as a daughter in law. Granted their hoping to get control of the mines through her but Given how snooty they are and obssessed with caste and such im surprised their not more worried about having a human as a daughter in law and hybrid grandkids. I'm seriously wondering if their plan to off the McCawleys extends to Christie since they dont seem to have filled Alek in on the plan or maybe Castithans have a much longer life span than humans or allow for polygamous marriages and they figure Alek can always make find a respectable castithan bride later. Maybe previous attempts to interbreed between castithan males and human females usually end up with death in childbirth and their figuring that will happen.
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