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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

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ONLY bit that didn't work out of order was Beckett questioning "where they were going" in the relationship at the end of last week's, but everything's great and ends well in this one...
Well, there was the bit here where Castle tried to show off his hearts in the coffee foam trick but she didn't see it, and then in last week's episode she did see the heart and was suitably impressed. I think that would play better in the intended order, though it's not overtly inconsistent in the aired order.

I suppose as clip shows go, this one wasn't too bad. Clip shows are done to save money and shooting time, but another way of doing that is to make a bottle show -- a story limited to the standing sets, or at least a small number of sets, and/or with a minimal number of guest stars. And this episode was a bottle show to a large extent. The setup meant that the episode took place mostly on the standing sets and a couple of apartment sets (and I bet they have a standing apartment set that they redress for various episodes -- indeed, both apartments seen here may have been the same set redressed and shot on different days). And with Beckett standing in one place for most of the episode, that saved on the number of camera and lighting setups and would've allowed faster shooting. And since we knew who the bad guy was right away, they didn't need a bunch of guest stars. So since they were able to save time and money in those ways, they were able to get away with a higher ratio of new material to clips. And the clip segments were mitigated by being quick thematic montages rather than extended replays of entire scenes.

I suppose it also helps that I don't watch reruns of the show, so a lot of this was stuff I haven't seen or thought about in years. Thus it didn't feel too stale.
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