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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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Christopher, have you read the "Federation: The First 150 Years" book yet?
Haven't had the opportunity yet.

And if, for whatever reason, you actually did want to incorporate a data point or two from it in your next "Enterprise" novel, would you be able to?
Of course I could. While different tie-ins over the decades have never been obligated to stay consistent with each other, they've always been free to reference each other if the authors chose.

Really, all fiction is about building on pre-existing ideas, and in franchise fiction, you often see ideas shared by incompatible continuities: Superman comics adopting Jimmy Olsen and The Daily Planet from radio; Batman: TAS character Harley Quinn showing up in the comics and in other screen adaptations like Birds of Prey; the Raimi Spider-Man 3 drawing as much on the '90s animated series' adaptation of the Alien Costume/Venom story as on the comics' version; Star Wars: The Clone Wars adopting some characters and ideas from the novels and comics while contradicting others; and so on. You can see a similar pattern of borrowing in original science fiction, like the way Ursula LeGuin's word "ansible" for an instantaneous FTL communication system has been used in a lot of other SF, or the way terms coined by SF author Jack Williamson like "terraforming," "ion drive," and "genetic engineering" have become universal not only in other SF but in actual science. SF is an ongoing dialogue as authors write stories to respond to earlier stories, sometimes adapting and expanding on their ideas, other times challenging and refuting them.
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