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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Syd wrote: View Post
And lets not forget the creature in Aquiel. I will be interested to see how those shots turn out.
Oh yes! That will give us a good idea of how Odo's morphing will look in the (unconfirmed-but-surely-inevitable) DS9-Remastered.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
Just watched "Yesterday's Enterprise". It's awesome!

Would have been nice if they had dubbed Michael Dorn as the voice of the Klingon captain who demands alt-Enterprise's surrender (don't care if they ever planned to do this when the ep was filmed, they should have done it now) but there we are.
No revisionist fanboy crap in these lovingly RESTORED episodes, please!

davejames wrote: View Post
Yeah, once again I just don't understand what their reluctance is to swap out the dinky 2-footer for a better model. I don't really think it's going against the filmmaker's "original vision" to have an Enterprise that actually holds up well in HD.

To me it's no different than swapping out the crappy 80s planets with fancy new ones.
The difference is the crappy 80s planets don't exist in an HD format. Their stance on this project has been to restore everything that exists on film, including the dinky models.

Mind you, they have veered away from that with regards to some matte paintings and other fixes.
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