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Re: The Valiant never seen....

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Really nice!

If that's our galaxy in the 6th picture, just how far did Valiant get thrown?
The dialog in WNMHGB references the Valiant being thrown a half light year out of the galaxy before she headed back "in this direction" and encountered "an unknown force." I got the idea of showing M31 the Andomeda galaxy in the distance from "By Any Other Name." In actuality you should be able to see other galaxies in the distance and other stars above and below the energy barrier, but I wanted to recreate the look of the shots from WNMHGB and "By Any Other Name". Indeed the energy barrier is a shot from TOS but with Enterprise photoshopped out. The Andromeda shot is from the Astronomy Picture Of The Day website and the galaxy shrunken into the corner of a pure black background. Indeed the ship and the black background were taken right out of my rendering program.
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