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Re: VOY Caption Contest 107; Is that Allowed!?!

Chakotay: What is this thing?!
Janeway (OS): Run Chakotay! It's been sent by a race called the Producers to remove someone from the crew...and you're on the shortlist!

EMH: I've just heard about what these Producers want. Tell me I'm safe!!!

Paris: This is madness! The Producers have us at each others throats!
Torres: Have it you way flyboy! I intend to make it home!

Janeway: What happened to the two of you?
Kim: The Producers device came after us, but it it didn't know which one of us to come after!
Neelix: It said such horrible guys like me, don't you?

Kes: What do you mean the Producers chose me!?!?
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