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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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League minimum might be stretching it a bit, but Tebow is definitely in a precarious position. Granted, he's only been in the league for a few years, but he's essentially Michael Vick 2.0, in that he's a gimmick quarterback who just can't adapt to the professional game. He can run really, really quickly, and he's got a semi-decent arm, but his skill set is incredibly raw. There's nothing refined about him in the slightest.

He could be a hell of a gunner on special teams, given that he's strong as an ox, but beyond that ... yeah, there isn't much there.
A year or two as a backup with a good coaching staff willing to put some serious time into chipping away the rough could do wonders for him. Not sure where that could be though. There are a few teams that don't have much to lose if they can pick him up on a budget. Jacksonville doesn't exactly suit the "good coaching staff" pre-req for helping him rise to his potential, but they couldn't do much worse with him around.
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