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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Well, I watched the Documentary and some quick thoughts:

I am having mixed reactions on how I feel about this season's edition of the Documentary. I didn't mind that they focused on the writing staff and the tumultuous crap they went through, but it seemed like a lot of things were missing, like visual effects for the season, or the change in uniforms, stuff like that. It seemed like while the first two seasons went greatly in depth about everything, this season focused more on specifics and at the end, I was really wishing Michael Piller was still alive to give his side of the story. It seemed like the staff and Piller butted heads a lot, with the memos Piller would send or how hard it was to get fans scripts in. Yeah there was a lot of credit to him for saving the franchise, but I always thought Piller and the writing staff were on the same side, that it was trying to get the stories past Gene Roddenberry and Rick Berman that was always the issue. The story about Spock really shocked me, considering they brought in McCoy, the second episode was a sequel to A Naked Time, and it was an episode about Sarek. It was almost hypocritical in a way how the name "Spock" caused so much derision amongst the ranks.

I really did like the stories though, about how Moore and Echivera got onto the staff. However, the seeds for following up on episodes came a lot sooner than Sins of the Father. I've always considered The Enemy and The Defector to be Star Trek's first mini arc.

I did like Part 3 of the documentary, which focused on the cast and Frakes directing The Offspring. The stuff Spiner mentioned was great, how he was over the top, like his character in Independence Day and TNG really was his only opportunity to tone it down. I did miss Whoopi this season though, despite her being on the original season 3 features.

Looking forward to watching Inside the Writers Room and where the Documentary takes us in Season 4.
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