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People do still care about birthdays. They may not hand out loads of presents like we got when we were kids, but birthdays still do matter. Just going out and having a nice dinner with family is often just as much fun as opening gifts.

Being with family is the best thing ever, IMHO. That and a new lawn mower of course.
Ugh. I had to mow the lawn this past weekend. Only "new lawn mower" I would want is one of those robotic ones, like the vacume and mop ones they have for in the house.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
I'm turning 30 in nine days.

Because as late as two years ago I was still making $16,000/year, my parents are still asking for a 'Birthday list' from me.

On Christmas I told them "Just get something that you think I'd like that I wouldn't think of buying, something that comes from you." They bought me socks and pasta sauce. The one good gift I got was a book called '1001 beers to have before you die'.

So I'm trying a new strategy this year. "Just forget the gifts, just take me to an expensive restaurant with the money you would have spent on gifts".
you will still end up getting gifts, at least one.
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